Hello and Welcome

Hello! My name is Patrick Walsh, I am an Irish 3D artist with AAA experience currently living in Toronto. I specialize in current and next-gen hard surface weapons, vehicles, props and environments but I’m equally skilled at creating organic, low-poly, and stylized work as well as loving creating 2D digital art (have a look at my first mobile game!). I also do product visualization, 3D modelling for print and even a little arch viz- basically I love to learn new skills and increase my experience in any area.

I’m skilled in high poly modelling and sculpting, low poly work, texturing, normal mapping and much more. I like to make my assets efficient and easy to use for any client/team members and I’m quick and eager to exploit any new software or techniques that may help my workflow or quality.

Please have a look around and feel free to contact me if you are interested in hiring me or if you have any questions.